Once Upon a Tea Time blogspot, Jan 2013

I have always been an anglophile, all-world history buff and royalophile (pretty sure this word is made-up). And as you know, I collect tea cups and mugs. So imagine my absolute delight when I found the mugs designed by Sarah Cole "which provide you with a great way to mug up on your history while enjoying a relaxing mug of tea". These are bone china mugs and they feature British kings and queens as well as heroes and villains and writers etc. Can you help but fall for a set of 6 mugs featuring the wives of Henry the VIII or the complete Tudor set? Not only will you have their famous, well, on one side  but also a very concise history with relevant dates on the back. I LOVE them and want it now! 

Angels and Urchins, Saga, Mail on Sunday, 2012

Chose Cole of London's Jubilee mug as one of the best

Guardian, March 2012
'I have five, and am saving for the box set of Henry VIII's wives.'

India Knight's blog, 2011

'Fantastic historical mugs from Cole of London - portrait on the front, relevant dates on the back'.

Daily Mail, April 2011

'As well as traditional designs, there is also a good selection of modern, funky pieces.  Among our favourites is the Kate and William mug by Sarah Cole.  'It was important to make something that makes people smile.' '

Retrotogo, 2011

'It's a style that's reminiscent of the work of Royston Cooper, who produced many travel advertsiements int eh 50s and 60s - and that's a very good thing indeed.'


Telegraph, March 2011

Gone are the days of the tea-towels and tat.  2011 will be remembered for the year Royal memorabilia became fashionable again.... We pick the best of the bunch..... 'bright and cheerful'., 2011

'As William and Kate fever sweeps the nation, it was only a matter of time before we started to see the commemorative plates, tea towels, t-shirts - you name it.  but little did we know that so much of it would be so stylish, or so funny.  Among our favourites to date - these great mugs by artist and film-maker Sarah Cole for Cole of London.'


Gifts Today, 2011

'a new take on an old classic', 'a mug to keep'


Independent, January 2011

'Stealing the limelight at [London’s Top Drawer trade fair] was newcomer Sarah Cole of Cole of London who won Best New Gift for her monarch mugs with a difference. Instead of the usual chintz, Cole’s historical mugs depicting the Tudors and William the Conqueror are bright colours and lean on the funky side.'