About Us


The idea of designing mugs that are really useful came to me in 2010. It struck me that so many of us find that those facts that we learned at school have somehow become a little hazy and need pinning down.


I love mugs and have always collected my favourite pieces. A really nice mug gives so much pleasure. It’s an object that doesn’t just sit around on a shelf: it is useful.  And I love things that make me smile.

I suddenly realized that you could put information on a mug and have a mug that you love which can also teach you something while you sip your drink: a mug for thinking while drinking.




So that’s the aim of Cole of London: to make really fun, unusual mugs that help you to mug up on facts you wish you knew a little better. I wanted the mugs to be fun, to make people smile, and to fill them with enthusiams for their favourite characters.  So I set about drawing characters which interested me, drawing them in my own style with my own interpretation of what I thought they were like.

The bone china is really good quality, and the thin lip somehow adds to the pleasure of taking a sip.

I used to work in television, and only paint and draw as a sideline.  I held several exhibitions of my work but now, with Cole of London, I'm constantly at it, which I love.

We are keen to hear any feedback from our customers, so if you have any comments to make about our range of mugs, or requests for future ranges, or if there are any other ways we can help you, please let us know. 

Contact: info@coleoflondon.com